Kennedy Memorials Craftsmanship with Care

Kennedy Memorials Craftsmanship with Care

Letter cutting on a memorial relies on the skill and experience of a trained and accredited Craftsman to ensure the crispness and gilding which only top memorial masons can achieve.

Alan Kennedy Sculptors, which began in 1968 by Alan and Cath Kennedy, is proud of the fact that it is still very much a family business. The work continues at the very highest standard set by Alan half a century ago.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Andrew Kennedy brings his expertise to the role of letter cutter. The fact that he is a Member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons, testifies to the exacting precision which Andrew brings to his craft.

And while Andrew creates his designs in the workshop, Gill and Karen Kennedy look after the office side of the business.

Choosing the most appropriate words for a memorial to a Loved One can be uplifting for some people, or upsetting for others. This is where Gill and Karen come into their own...

With many years’ experience, they will put you at your ease and lead you through the many options, to ensure your chosen memorial is exactly the right lasting tribute for your Loved One.

Just give us a call on 0161 723 3427 and we will be pleased to help you.

Additional Services

The years take their toll on existing memorials, whether in church-yards, or cemeteries. The headstones and plinths become discoloured and the once-crisp lettering fades.

It's here that Alan Kennedy Sculptors can help. In a surprisingly short time, we will have your memorial expertly cleaned, with the years of grime and algae removed and the marble gleaming once again. Then, it is just a matter of addressing the lettering to bring your memorial back to its pristine best.

Along with Jewish and Christian Memorials Alan Kennedy Sculptors provide:

  • Lawn Memorials - Cremation Memorials - Ceramic Photographs
  • Cleaning and Renovations - Memorial Insurance - Pet Memorials
  • House Number Plaques - Silk Flower Arrangements - Granite Vases and Containers
  • Graveside Mementoes